The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation - Transport and Community Services (NATSIC) was formed in 2013 as the Aboriginal peak body for transport and access for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities across Australia. In that time NATSIC has built sustainable relationships with transport sector providers and government policy makers. NATSIC's work focuses on enabling transport providers to address the Closing the Gap priorities by ensuring that the transport sector recognises, acknowledges, values and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and participation in the sector.

NATSIC is the only National Peak Body totally dedicated and focused on removing transport disadvantage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. NATSIC is also expanding its activities to include the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), My Aged Care and other issues and programs affecting and contributing to the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.

NATSIC will support and assist the achievement of positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by providing the following:


NATSIC provides support to organisations that work alongside and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia in the areas of transport, disability, aged care and community services.

NATSIC is skilled and experienced in engagement, advocacy, solution brokerage, facilitation and education. Working with NATSIC provides your organisation with the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities ensuring the best possible outcomes for communities and services.

NATSIC further supports communities and individuals to engage with service providers by increasing individual and community members' knowledge and understanding of services being delivered across the transport, disability, aged care and community services sectors so that our communities are better serviced.


NATSIC advocates for communities and service providers to reduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage through brokering solutions-based initiatives including innovative engagement and program design, ensuring all stakeholders have a clear understanding of expectations centered on service deliverables and accountabilities. NATSIC understands the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service landscape and is acutely aware of the needs of our most vulnerable community members and their communities.

The challenge for NATSIC is to balance the needs, wants and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities against current government policies, initiatives, and funded services. If these needs, wants and aspirations do not fit within current service provisions frameworks, NATSIC will use its Lobbying powers to influence change.


NATSIC actively seeks to represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interests within all levels of Government, Not for Profit organisations and the private sector. The NATSIC Board and staff collectively represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues on a National level and enjoys access to senior government officials and leaders of Industry.

NATSIC is keen to highlight the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia and our connections at Community, Government and private sector levels ensure the needs, issues and aspirations of our Communities are heard and addressed. This is achieved by a process of being informed, offering solutions and actively influencing of behalf of our communities.


NATSIC practices cultural maintenance in all that it does. NATSIC ensures that all advice, outcomes, solutions and strategies are culturally centered around NATSIC's internal principles of Cultural Maintenance. These cultural principles are inclusive of the following:

• Culturally Respectful
• Culturally Responsive
• Culturally Responsible
• Cultural Diversity
• Cultural Protection and Preservation


• Successful bi-annual National Conferences (Darwin 2014, Cairns 2017) and planning the delivery of Transport Dreaming - Defining the Journey (Perth 2019).
• Facilitated brokered solutions for Yorta Yorta community for Public transport.
• Successfully negotiated the inclusion for NSW Community Transport providers to develop an Aboriginal Engagement Plan as 1 of the 9 Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in their Service Agreement (Contract) with Transport for NSW.
• Facilitated access to Regional Aboriginal Networks for Community Transport Services.
• Transport Symposiums for Community members and Service Providers in Victoria (Melbourne), Queensland (Brisbane) and South Australia (Adelaide).
• Developed and delivered targeted training across the cultural spectrum.
• Facilitated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues identification to Government, the Not-For-Profit sector and private industry.

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NATSIC - Transport and Community Services
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