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Call For Conference Abstracts

By NATSIC Admin Posted March 25 2020

Transport Dreaming - Connecting Nations – Driving Innovation Conference
20 & 21 April 2021 - SYDNEY
The call for conference abstracts for the 2021 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation Transport Conference is open.

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Transport Dreaming Conference - SYDNEY 2020

By NATSIC Admin Posted March 25 2020

Dear NATSIC Partners, Colleagues, Stakeholders and Friends
Following careful consideration of the latest health advice and risks regarding the COVID-19 Virus, NATSIC have decided to cancel our National "Transport Dreaming" Conference "Connecting Nations - Driving Innovation" initially planned June 2020. The conference has been rescheduled to 20/21 April 2021.

The decision was a difficult one as our National Conference is an important gathering and sharing of knowledge, information and exchange of ideas and a wonderful networking event. However, the health and wellbeing of our attendees, speakers, supporters, team, communities and people is far more important. ...

We have also sought advice from Government and are guided by this week's announcement from the WHO, treating this as a pandemic and calling for urgent and aggressive action. We also considered the actions and responses of other organisations who are cancelling events, such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists stopping all meetings with over 100 people. We have also assessed and reviewed the ever changing public health advice and note that some of the advice, such as keeping distant from people who are ill, is very hard to follow given the format of conferences involving groups of people sitting close to each other for extended periods of time in a closed environment.

Further consideration was given to the duty of care obligations employers have in regards to their staff and client by not putting them at unnecessary risk, the risk of contracting the COVID-19 Virus far our weighs the benefits in holding our conference. The risk of transmission of the COVID -19 Virus to our most vulnerable members in our communities and broader society is a risk we are not prepared to take.

As a National Peak Body we lead by example putting our First Nations Communities first when it comes to delivering and engaging in a culturally safe, responsive and respectful manner. NATSIC also takes pride in being a leader in responding to issues that impact our communities and the clients and customers of our stakeholders and partners. These philosophies underpinned our decision to cancel our conference.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your organisation in our decision to reschedule our event from 2020 to 2021. We hope you can attend our rescheduled event.

Conference registration fees will be refunded if you cannot attend the new dates.

Ron Palmer, our conference organiser, can be contacted anytime on 0420 791 280 should you have any enquiries.

Jim Golden-Brown CEO and NATSIC Board

NATSIC Community Health and Wellbeing Program

By NATSIC Admin Posted October 10, 2019

NATSIC Community Health and Wellbeing Program is a program established to facilitate improving the Health and Wellbeing of First Nations Communities through usage of our networks, partnerships, stakeholder relationships, capabilities, profile and Brand.

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Message from our CEO, Jim Golden-Brown

By NATSIC Admin Posted August 12, 2019

NATSIC as a charity has been doing some amazing things with our Partners, Aboriginal Community Services in SA, Vinnies Parramatta Central Council in NSW and Titans PDRL, Northern United Aboriginal Rugby League and a host of others in supporting our communities with much needed donations and support of local initiatives. ...

After this weeks trip to Central Australia and having further requests for hygiene products to help eliminate Trachoma in Australia a new partnership with Melbourne University is being forged.

So with everything we have done in the past and where we are headed, NATSIC is consolidating what we have been doing. Therefore I am pleased to launch;

NATSIC Community Health and Wellbeing Program (NCHWP).

NCHWP is a program established to facilitate improving the Health and Wellbeing of First Nations Communities through usage of our networks, partnerships, stakeholder relationships, capabilities, profile and Brand.

We will achieve this by facilitating third party support and donations of personal health and hygiene related products to collect, deliver and distribute to our First Nations Community partners throughout Australia.

To date, NATSIC has facilitated the provision of handmade blankets to Communities in the APY Lands in Central Australia and North Coast Communities in NSW, handmade beanies, as well as male and female personal hygiene and sanitary products, with an added bonus, in many cases, of handbags provided to those who wanted them, leading to an increase in self-worth, self-esteem and better health outcomes, which is one of the strategic aims of the NCHWP.

Healthy Mob, Healthy Culture, Healthy Future

NATSIC Disability Sports Program

By NATSIC Admin Posted August 12, 2019

The Program will provide financial assistance to individuals, teams, clubs or eventsfor people with a disability to realise their dreams to play in organised sports: an area we have come to understand is significantly underfunded and under-supported.

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