NATSIC Community Health and Wellbeing Program

NATSIC Community Health and Wellbeing Program

NATSIC Community Health and Wellbeing Program is a program established to facilitate improving the Health and Wellbeing of First Nations Communities through usage of our networks, partnerships, stakeholder relationships, capabilities, profile and Brand.

We will achieve this by facilitating third party support and donations of personal health and hygiene related products to collect, deliver and distribute to our First Nations Community partners throughout Australia.

To date, NATSIC has facilitated the provision of handmade blankets to Communities in the APY Lands in Central Australia and North Coast Communities in NSW, handmade beanies, as well as male and female personal hygiene and sanitary products, with an added bonus, in many cases, of handbags provided to those who wanted them, leading to an increase in self-worth, self-esteem and better health outcomes, which is one of the strategic aims of the NCHWP.

Healthy Mob, Healthy Culture, Healthy Future

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Artist: Karen Phillips lives in Tweed Heads – from Wiradjuri Country


Logo Meaning

The 7 Circles Connecting to Transport – NATSIC
Each Circle Represents Each State – NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, SA, WA, NT.
Middle Circle is the National Body - NATSIC
Blue is the Water that Surrounds Us – Orange is the Land We’re On
Tracks Connect All States, People and Communities
Brown – Represents People and Communities in Unity.