Case study


NSWATN/NATSIC advocates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and transport providers on reducing transport disadvantage and brokering flexible, affordable, accessible and culturally appropriate solutions. During consultations with CTSPs It was evident that most providers had limited strategies to access or engage with the ATSI community and the demand for cultural support was far greater than an advocacy role. Former cultural awareness training was history based and didn’t give service providers specific tools to work efficiently and effectively with their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Our aim was to develop a training package that was primarily transport focused, generically balanced and informative so that transport providers could implement strategies immediately. During the development of the training package NSWATN/NATSIC needed to:

  • Be informative and flexible in delivery.
  • Be mindful of previous cultural awareness training.
  • Ensure an even balance of history and future strategies.
  • Develop all resources to support the training package.
  • Create a safe environment to discuss sensitive issues.


The first rollout of the one-day training package “Navigating the Cultural Journey” was held in June 2017 at Dubbo with the Central West Regional Transport forum. The feedback was extremely positive and gave participants solid strategies to increase Aboriginal participation and culturally appropriate engagement skills that could be implemented immediately. Requests for training in other locations have been booked and are ready to be rolled out.

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