In Australia, First Nations communities experience the effects of disadvantage and marginalisation to a significantly greater extent than the average non-Indigenous community.

NATSIC, as an innovative industry leader and National peak body, actively promotes, protects, maintains and preserves culture.  NATSIC promotes and advocates for meaningful engagement, knowledge sharing, education and social participation within, and for, Australia’s most vulnerable communities.

Our focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of communities generates sustainable and trusting relationships which result in strong community partnerships and fosters collaborative approaches to community capacity building and the development of local solutions.  NATSIC leadership in strategic evaluation of the process, implementation and outcomes, results in improved and informed knowledge for future initiatives, partnerships and collaborative development.

NATSIC values inclusiveness and diversity and employs these principles in all aspects of our commitment to deliver tangible outcomes for individuals, families and communities, now and into the future, creating positive generational change.

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